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AFI Europe Romania study: 1 out of 2 people in Bucharest prefer two-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms

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Almost half would prefer living in a residential complex due to green areas, security and the facilities offered

The most preferred type of home in Bucharest is the two-bedroom apartment, 1 out of 2 people who sharing this opinion and aiming to buy such a property. All home searchers require a window in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The results are part of the study conducted by AFI Europe Romania, in partnership with Unlock Market Research, about the needs and preferences on residential and living options.

AFI Europe Romania started in June the first phase of AFI City, the first large scale residential project to be developed by the company in Romania, with an investment of 16 million euros. The project will deliver two buildings totalling 190 residential units, served by 228 above ground parking spaces. AFI City’s first construction phase is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2019. Once all phases will be completed, the residential project will feature a closed private community surrounded by green areas and sport facilities. In addition, AFI City enjoys important advantage of having the Metro station Laminorului located in front of the project.

The main findings of the study show that AFI City is designed and developed in accordance to the evolving needs of consumers and their preferences in terms of housing, location or facilities provided within the community.

What do people look for when buying a home?

An interesting fact is that almost 50% of the respondents would prefer to own an apartment in a residential complex, mainly due to facilities such as green spaces, proximity to different types of stores and wellness centres, the existence of recreation areas, high levels of security or higher quality of life.

In order to address a wider range of housing, AFI City offers studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments in a community that provides a multitude of facilities, such as green areas, kindergartens and shopping centers, as well as recreation areas within the complex.

In terms of height regime, people prefer buildings with a maximum of 6 or 10 floors, and 4 out of every 5 persons would prefer to own an apartment situated between the first and sixth floor. More,

73% of the interviewees declared they would prefer an apartment with own heating system, while 60% would prefer if the apartment had an air-conditioning system.

AFI City provides residential units with own heating systems and preparations for the air-conditioning systems, thus adjusting to consumer needs and preferences.

Sources of information when buying a home

The study reveals that consumers tend to gather information from a multitude of sources when considering buying an apartment, putting on top official sources, such as real-estate agencies (62%) and specialised websites (60%). Secondary is word of mouth, such as friends and relatives, considered to be trustworthy information sources (57%).

Further data from AFI Europe Romania shows that, when it comes to online behaviour, it is roughly both men and women, aged 25 to 44, who are interested in purchasing an apartment. 4 out of 5 people who are looking for an apartment use their mobile devices to perform their searches, and they are usually interested in two and one-bedroom apartments, as well as the buildings’ location within the city or neighbourhood.

The study was developed by AFI Europe Romania, in partnerships with Unlock Research, with a total number of 500 respondents among inhabitants of Bucharest, aged 25 to 55 years old. AFI has implemented the requirements of the potential buyers in the design of the AFI City apartments.

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