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New apartments with fully furnished and equipped kitchen!

This spring, your story starts at home, in AFI City!

To have an orderly and clean kitchen, you need to pay attention to this space. The kitchen is also the place where most of the time the whole family gathers together to take the meal together.

That’s why AFI City, meets your needs with an offer on your taste! You can benefit of this offer by following three simple steps:

1. Set up a meeting with our sales team until April 30th;
2. Buy a 2-room, 3-room apartment type A or a 3-room apartment type B from AFI City;
3. Sign the purchase contract between 1st of March and 30th of April and you will get a voucher of 3.000 Euro for free, to furnish your kitchen and your home appliances.

The kitchen is the place where you meet most of the family members whether it is in the morning and drink coffee together, or have lunch or just spent a pleasant afternoon together and tell all the things that happened during the previous week.

AFI City helps you to have a kitchen on your taste!
Buy a 2-room, 3-room apartment type A or type B in AFI City and get a fully furnished and equipped kitchen, for free!

Your story begins at home in AFI City!

The offer is available in the limit of 10 kitchens.
Campaign period: 1st of March – 30th of April 2019. Find out more about the offer.
Campaign regulation, here.

This holiday season, AFI City is bringing you gifts in advance!

This holiday season, AFI City is bringing you gifts in advance!

Between November 15, 2018 – January 5, 2019, AFI City offers you an AFI Gift Card worth 1.500 Euro for your holiday gifts at any apartment purchase!

We are waiting for you at our sales office in Bucurestii Noi, we choose together the home that suits you best, and you can enjoy your AFI Gift Card! *

Details in campaign rules.

AFI City, Your Story Starts Home!


* Up to 10 pieces AFI Gift Card x 1.500 Euro.

* The AFI Gift Card is valid only in AFI Cotroceni and FAI Ploiesti partner stores, according to the usage guidelines available at www.aficotroceni.ro/gift-card.

Your story begins…with your favourite spot in your HOME

For those full days when you come back from work and open the door to your home wearing a tired smile…
For the weekend mornings when you make your coffee and prepare your favourite book, ready to stay in silence for at least an hour…
For the moments you need to make a big decision and need a little time with yourself…
For the late nights when you can’t sleep and all you want to do is watch the stars through your window…
Because maybe your story begins at home, with your favourite piece in the apartment… maybe with your special armchair that you got from your parents, that reminds you of a lot of moments you spent together. The one that can’t wait to get to your living room in your future home in AFI City. The one that you’re excited to find a spot for in your house, because you’re convinced it will become your favourite place to be. The one that will bring the past into your new story:
For the moments you’ll rock your baby to sleep…
For the evenings when a bit of loneliness will be just what you’ll need…
For the nights when worries won’t let you rest…
For the weekends when you’ll want to stop time and watch your dear ones laugh forever…
Because your favourite spot in your future home will be part of your story. In there you’ll write many chapters – you will laugh, you will cry, you will smile with relief or maybe you will make the most important decisions. It will be the place where youțll know that all your dreams can come true, all your plans can sooner or later be shaped just the way you want.
In AFI City, your story begins with the places in your apartament where you write it your style: charming, playful, imperfect. Real.

AFI Europe Romania study: 1 out of 2 people in Bucharest prefer two-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms

Almost half would prefer living in a residential complex due to green areas, security and the facilities offered

The most preferred type of home in Bucharest is the two-bedroom apartment, 1 out of 2 people who sharing this opinion and aiming to buy such a property. All home searchers require a window in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The results are part of the study conducted by AFI Europe Romania, in partnership with Unlock Market Research, about the needs and preferences on residential and living options.

AFI Europe Romania started in June the first phase of AFI City, the first large scale residential project to be developed by the company in Romania, with an investment of 16 million euros. The project will deliver two buildings totalling 190 residential units, served by 228 above ground parking spaces. AFI City’s first construction phase is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2019. Once all phases will be completed, the residential project will feature a closed private community surrounded by green areas and sport facilities. In addition, AFI City enjoys important advantage of having the Metro station Laminorului located in front of the project.

The main findings of the study show that AFI City is designed and developed in accordance to the evolving needs of consumers and their preferences in terms of housing, location or facilities provided within the community.

What do people look for when buying a home?

An interesting fact is that almost 50% of the respondents would prefer to own an apartment in a residential complex, mainly due to facilities such as green spaces, proximity to different types of stores and wellness centres, the existence of recreation areas, high levels of security or higher quality of life.

In order to address a wider range of housing, AFI City offers studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments in a community that provides a multitude of facilities, such as green areas, kindergartens and shopping centers, as well as recreation areas within the complex.

In terms of height regime, people prefer buildings with a maximum of 6 or 10 floors, and 4 out of every 5 persons would prefer to own an apartment situated between the first and sixth floor. More,

73% of the interviewees declared they would prefer an apartment with own heating system, while 60% would prefer if the apartment had an air-conditioning system.

AFI City provides residential units with own heating systems and preparations for the air-conditioning systems, thus adjusting to consumer needs and preferences.

Sources of information when buying a home

The study reveals that consumers tend to gather information from a multitude of sources when considering buying an apartment, putting on top official sources, such as real-estate agencies (62%) and specialised websites (60%). Secondary is word of mouth, such as friends and relatives, considered to be trustworthy information sources (57%).

Further data from AFI Europe Romania shows that, when it comes to online behaviour, it is roughly both men and women, aged 25 to 44, who are interested in purchasing an apartment. 4 out of 5 people who are looking for an apartment use their mobile devices to perform their searches, and they are usually interested in two and one-bedroom apartments, as well as the buildings’ location within the city or neighbourhood.

The study was developed by AFI Europe Romania, in partnerships with Unlock Research, with a total number of 500 respondents among inhabitants of Bucharest, aged 25 to 55 years old. AFI has implemented the requirements of the potential buyers in the design of the AFI City apartments.

AFI Europe Romania starts construction works for residential project, AFI City, with an occupancy rate of 25%

The first phase of the project will be completed in 16 months delivering two buildings totaling 190 residential units.

AFI Europe Romania breaks ground this month for AFI City, the first large scale residential project to be developed by the company in Romania.

TGC was assigned as the General Contractor for the first phase of the project.

The first phase of the construction commenced this June and it will deliver two buildings totaling 190 residential units, served by 228 above ground parking spaces. AFI City’s first construction phase is estimated to be completed in summer of 2019. Once all phases will be completed, the residential project will feature a closed private community surrounded by green areas and sport facilities. In addition AFI City enjoys important advantage of having the Metro station Laminorului located in front of the project

Situated in the North-West part of Bucharest, along the Bucurestii Noi Boulevard, in District 1, the project will include a mix of functional apartments, following an investment of approximately EUR 16 mln. Also, the project which is pre-certified by the Romanian Green Homes Association enjoys green buildings features and will benefit from various facilities thus aiming to become the most beneficial residential deal on Bucharest’s residential real-estate market. AFI City is located on Bucurestii Noi Boulevard in one of the greenest areas of Bucharest, with quick access to the main traffic arteries of the city such as Bucurestii Noi Boulevard, Boulevard Ion Mihalache, Boulevard Poligrafiei and National Road 1 (DN1), as well as to Bazilescu Park and the Straulesti and Grivita lakes.

The commencement of construction marks a milestone in the development of one of our key projects in Romania. When designing AFI City and especially after we observed the lack of quality designed and built projects in Bucharest, we took into consideration the high demand for sustainable and functional residential units. Sales expectations are high and believed to move quickly due to the project’s location and the project’s overall private community design. We are not just talking about the location – which is on high demand nowadays, but also about the benefits of living in a Green Home, in a private community and linked to all ways of public (Laminorului Metro) and private transportation. And most importantly it’s an AFI project assuring excellent quality and guarantee of delivery” said Tal Roma, Business Development Manager, AFI Europe Romania.

Situated in one of the greenest areas in north-west Bucharest, AFI City will provide a secured and modern lifestyle to its residents, along with spacious gardens and playgrounds. Relying on AFI’s approach of building communities, the project will inspire the “at home” feeling, combined with comfort, safety and friendship.

AFI Europe Romania scores another point in residential field: AFI City enters the Green Building Pre-Certification phase

AFI Europe Romania enters ROGBC’s Pre-Certification phase as Green Building for AFI City, the first residential project developed by the company in Romania.

Recently developed real estate projects have been imprinting their mark upon the environment. AFI Europe Romania endorses sustainability and high quality standards. Increased awareness of energy efficiency and its importance in the construction sector have turned public attention to more efficient, “green” buildings.

The certification process for green homes measures six distinct components of sustainability: sustainable sites, water efficiency, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation, as well as energy performance. Achieving the pre-certification phase gets AFI City the opportunity to aspire in enrolling in the Green Mortgage program, awarding a whole new series of benefits to future householders.

The Green Home Pre-certification phase converts AFI City in one of the residential compounds of which value will rise over the years. We are talking about immediate and very tangible benefits in terms of the savings generated by improved insulation, reduced water consumption, minimizing total energy consumption with up to 30%, more efficient heating, better air conditions or natural ventilation. These lead, additionally, to lower medical costs due to significantly healthier living environment and an overall improved life experience for the whole family.

The Green Home Certification demands a highly disciplined development approach that is aimed towards delivering an environmentally sustainable project. One needs to factor in the added appreciation value – ten years from now, green homes will have the highest resale value on the residential property market. We are one step closer into becoming the best deal for AFI City’s future residents“, declares Tal Roma, Business Development Manager, AFI Europe Romania.

To get ROGBC’s certification, the developer of a residential project needs to meet certain mandatory requirements and obtain a certain amount of ‘green’ credits. Projects can qualify for pre-certification once the developer in question has incorporated ROGBC’s requirements in the project’s design and submitted the relevant documents to our organization. The final ROGBC certification is awarded once the project is complete“, adds Elena Rastei,  Romanian Green Building Council.

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